Friday, July 31, 2009

Boston Legal

Boston Legal is the latest addition to my all-time-favorites list. It takes a lot of consistency to get onto that sort of a list in anyone's case, and this show is right on top of the list. If you need proof of it's awesomeness, read this: In its five-year run, it was nominated for 25 Emmy Awards, winning seven times.

For those of you who need an introduction to this show, here you are:

It's about the lives of legal attorneys at a leading law firm called Crane Poole and Schmidt in Boston. The main characters are Alan Shore, played by the brilliant James Spader and Denny Crane, played awesomely by the scene stealer William Shatner, who long long ago used to play Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek series which I used to religiously watch in some years ago, when TV was really worth watching.

The other characters of the show are also quite interesting, but Denny and Alan totally rule the show. Each episode has one or two major trials going on and they're all interesting and fun. Denny Crane is supreme and delivers his punchlines every time brilliantly, you never tire of hearing him say "Denny Crane".

By the end of each episode the trials come to a close and you get to see whether Alan and Denny win or lose. The last scene in almost each episode shows Denny and Alan chilling on their office balcony and discussing stuff, it's quite a different style of ending an episode. The women in the firm are mostly hot, then men are funny, the lines are hilarious and above all those two magic words - Denny Crane!

Just watch this show, I am quite positive you'll like it. I for one love it. It's right up there for me with Seinfeld and House.

How I Spent July

July 2009, a month where a lot of stuff happened. First full month at work. A lot happens in a month, you - make new friends, strengthen old friendships, watch new movies, get addicted to Boston Legal, learn to say Denny Crane to those who watch and love the show like you do, fall sick, recover, get back to work, have insane fun on weekends, slog like a dog on weekdays, play TT in office and occasionally win, spend a lot of your own money in a matter of hours and get surprised about the fact that you don't really care, feel proud that your life isn't tied to money, then realize that you aren't a lunatic in terms of spending cash when you discover the word 'savings', start detecting fraudulent finance agents and ignoring them, watch Megan Fox and renew your pledge of going to the US and other developed countries especially France [Laetitia Casta reigns supreme], switch from fun mode to work mode and vice versa, hear MJ songs and watch his videos and acknowledge once again his musical genius and supremacy in live performances, toy around with ideas of Bose headphones and new cellphones and then reject the ideas for the time being, spend hours on the Laptop even at home just because it's new and you can access the net from the balcony and chat/talk with people at the wee hours of the morning and watch the pre-dawn sky, utilize every bit of the awesome Airtel broadband connection, read the newspaper while having breakfast before going to office like a professional, come to grips with cab music, catch up with age old friends, sleep off Sundays and then realize that you don't suffer from the I-hate-Mondays syndrome, have pizzas for free at office, pay for pizzas at home, watch England kick Aussie ass for a change and enjoy every bit of it, realize that your next David Flabbergaster post is one day away, have a tough time describing how the days are flying by when at one time they used to crawl at a snail's pace, go to sleep after writing a rare simple blog post with no humor it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

David Flabbergaster: Realizations of most professionals

The following quotes are a compilation of experiences of many people who have shared them with the greatest engineer ever - David Flabbergaster.

1. The probability of a good song being played in a cab is lower than that of a 100 year old man lifting a bulldozer using only his fake teeth.

2. The biggest question in a professional's life is - will today's lunch be worth the walk to the canteen?

3. There are areas in every office which are as cold as Siachen

4. Whenever you're actually doing work, very few people notice it, the moment you've just about opened any fun thing, everyone passing buy will notice

5. Hearing music while working is no longer a privilege, it's a way of life

6. Whenever you're in a hurry, the elevators will always be on the furthest floor from the one you're on

There are many more such experiences which David Flabbergaster will share in the future, but right now he has a meeting, in which he has to give a presentation on "Whether office buildings should have escalators in place of lifts - The benefit being that even if a power outage occurs, employees will have no excuse to come late since they can always climb the stairs!"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kaminey - Music Review

One of the best albums of 2009, right on top with Dev D and Delhi 6. It's so good to hear some good music again, the kind which isn't made to simply be used as an item song or a 'phooljhadi hit' like the title track of a movie which was trying so hard to do a repeat of Hare Ram that they used a Hindu shloka as part of the song!

Kaminey has some great songs by Vishal Bharadwaj.

The best tracks of the album are:

1. Dhan Te Nan - I especially like the remix version, which accentuates the beats. It's an absolute dance scorcher, which I am sure will be played in all discos and parties.

2. Fatak - Grows on you after repeated listening and then you just love it.

3. Go Charlie Go - Brilliant haunting theme sound!

4. Raat Ke Dhai Baje - The entire song is just ok, until the third minute, when it takes a different direction and sounds really good.

5. Pehli Baar Mohabbat - Insanely awesome melody, sung by Mohit Chouhan who does it only like he can.

6. Kaminey - The song is simply amazing!

So in my view, the best songs of this movie are Go Charlie Go, Kaminey, Pehli Baar Mohabbat and Dhan Te Nan. Go listen to this album. I hope the movie is just as good as the music. Kudos to you Vishal Baradwaj!

P.S. - Listening to these songs in my brand new headphones just raises the bar a notch higher :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pehli Pehli Pagaar Hai, Pehli Pehli Baar Hai

Sorry for the lame title for the post, but there's something about salary and job terms in Hindi which is just missing in the English translation. For e.g. Salary and Employee just don't have the down and dirty feel to it as words like 'pagaar' and 'karmchaari' have :P

So as an honest and diligent karmchaari, that I hope I am, it gives me great pleasure to tell you that I along with a host of fellow karmchaaris of various companies got their pagaar today, which was evident from so many of them putting it up on their gtalk status msg's almost saying, "Yeah people, that's right, go ahead and ask me for a treat!"

Now let me tell you, in an honest and completely non-sarcastic way that yes, it is a great feeling to earn your first ever pay. It feels awesome and has a different sense of fullfillment to it. Now I really didn't feel any anticipation or any such thing and just calmly read the message which told me how I had now got some cash with me which gave me a chance to finally stop applying for the Indira Gandhi National Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme! But I didn't take it too seriously, all of a sudden there were all these people with their status messages having changed. It went to such an extent that if one didn't have a status saying "Got my first sal" or "First sal feels awesome" or something like that, it almost meant that you didn't get yours. Well, so before someone asked me "Dude, u didnt get ur salary or wat?" I decided to put up my own declaration of financial independence on gtalk!

Anyways then started the whole "kitna mila" routine followed by the usual "confidential hai" reply. But the real meaning of the term first salary was felt when I returned home and saw the joy on my family members' faces, that's when I realized what it means, being an earning member of the house, well it's like what Spiderman's Uncle told him "With great power comes great responsibility"! It's great to have the power to buy what you want, go where you want; but it's also a responsibility to buy the right things and to go to the right places.

So I went to the best place and bought the best thing possible, I went to Chang's [my fave joint in Viman Nagar] and bought the best dishes they had on offer ;)

So people, that's the story of my first sal, i.e. the story so far!