Thursday, November 8, 2007

Movies, Cricket and Exams

Its weird how the most awaited movies [according to News Channels] release just a week before the End Sem exams. Its also weird how India Vs Pakistan matches are always scheduled during the exams. Its also weird how Sachin just cant cross the 90's! [U rule Sachin]

But engineering has made me appreciate life, a lot more than i did before. I love it. This phase, why? Coz, there's always something to do, and its all exciting. I just went last week for Jab We Met and now will go for Saawariya. But meanwhile i've been really busy, switching from studies to pure time pass. I really enjoy this. Partly becoz its so simple, everything is laid out. Exams start from 19th. I have all the time in the world to study. i know the syllabus. All i have to do is study!

Nowadays, somehow i have drastically reduced my cell phone usage, i barely use it. I've been listening to songs from Jab We Met, i loved the movie and the songs are great. Truly Indian Music. What a relief from the Remix shit and crappy songs like Dard-e-Disco.

I've almost stopped hearing Rock. Just a rare Led Zeppelin Song here or there, and a rare Bob Dylan song.

How I Met Your Mother: I love this show and recommend it to everyone. I saw both the Seasons, the 3rd season is on air in the US right now. Both the seasons are Legen-wait for it-dary!

All thats left is for me to finish off the portion well and do my best in the End Sem exams. To know whether i succeed or not, watch this space!