Sunday, December 23, 2007

Things I should put on my blog

Hey here are a few things i think i should put on the blog:

1. I saw I Am Legend: It was ok, although i expected more

2. Modi Won: I am politically apolitical. So no comments!

3. I plan to watch Welcome and Taarey Zameen Par, very shortly.

4. I intend to update the blog a lot more, henceforth.

5. I definitely intend to find a skirt wearing chic and then i'll see if she's worth chasing ;)

6. My previously mentioned "skirt chaser" friend, i forgot to mention, was more capable of chasing away a skirt on a mannequin, leave alone a real life "chic" :D

7. My results are very close by [in terms of time]

Chasing Skirts???

I met a friend today, we met after a long time. As usual, when guys meet, the conversation moves onto chics. He asked me about my "chic status". I wont divulge that on my blog, but after i told him my "chic status", i returned the gesture and asked him. He said something, that just got stuck in my brain. He happened to use the phrase, "stopped chasing skirts". Which means that he's stopped going after girls. But what struck me was that, in todays times of skin tight [and even better ;)] jeans and tops; one rarely sees a girl in a skirt. So his statement actually holds no real value.
Chasing skirts... i'd love to see someone actually try that!

Choices I Have To Make!

Ever since I've gained consciousness [Jab se maine hosh sambhaala hai] I've had to make a lot of choices, only, they were meaningful and the time to make choices was spread out over various intervals. But now, I find myself having to make different choices. Some, I think, are downright stupid.
For example, in my leisure time, the choices i had to make were, which channel to watch. Or, to be precise, which show/movie to watch. Now, however, I find myself in a dilemma.
Once i switch on the T.V. and flip through channels, all i see is, a lot [infinite] of news channels [In Hindi, English, Gibberish], showing every useless, mindless, shameless, brainless, idiotic event in this world. At times, yes, they show something useful, like who won an election, or some important cricket news. But the rest is crap [worse than RDC (read the crap I wrote below)].
The other options are shows with Has Beens/Wannabes either singing/dancing/judging in the various, repetitive shows.
Funny thing is, that as soon as a "Season" of such shows is over, they start the "Next Season". I didn't realize that seasons change in a week's time ;)
Seinfeld or Friends would've lasted just 3 yrs, if their "Seasons" were as short as our T.V. "Seasons"!
Only thing is that in the August Season, one hears older fools singing, by November, we have "Lil' Champs". Poor kids, they barely have 7 teeth, n they manage the Saat Sur. The only other logical option is ESPN/Star Sports, with the EPL.

So friends, in my free time now the choice I have to make is not which show/channel I should switch on. But rather, whether i should even dare to switch ON the T.V. set.
I forgot to mention the only thing i really watch on T.V>, it's VH1. Thank God for that channel.

Up next, I must mention another favorite of my blog post topics: Sachin Tendulkar. The man gave 3 lengthy interviews this week and all 3 times, he was asked about his retirement. Here's a sample of stuff he had to hear.
Interviewer: Sachin, there were a lot of rumors raised about your retirement. What do you have 2 say about it?
The Gentleman asking the Q was guilty of raising same rumors. [Since when were rumors "raised", I thought they were "spread"]
Sachin: I will let you know when I decide to retire.

Interviewer: Sachin, do you get emotional while playing with such great players, knowing that you all are going to retire?
Sachin: We dont have time to get emotional, we are there to play.

Interviewer: How does it feel to play, what may be your last tour in Australia?

I'm sure by now you get the gist of what the retard of an Interviewer was asking. I think Sachin should declare his retirement, by saying that he'll retire after 15 April, 2015! Maybe then the media will shut up w.r.t. The Retirement thing.

Other issues now: I just read an amazing novel called The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart [Pseudo Name]. It was amazing.
The Back Cover of the book read:
If that dice has a 'one' face up, I thought, I'm going downstairs to rape Arlene. 'If it's a one, I'll rape Arlene' kept blinking on and off my mind like a huge neon light and my terror increased. But when I thought if it's not a one I'll go to bed, the terror evaporated and excitement swept over me: a one means rape, the other numbers mean bed, the die is cast. Who am I to question the dice?
The book is very intriguing and exceptionally humorous. The story revolves around a bored, successful psychiatrist who starts a mind game with himself initially wherein he throws a dice to decide whether he should commit to outrageous choices (as shown above).
Currently I am reading The Other Side Of Midnight by Sidney Sheldon [am on pg. 137]
and the book is amazing.
I'm really looking forward to seeing India play well and win in Australia. Sachin I hope scores a century before the New Year :)
I forgot to mention Led Zeppelin had their Reunion gig at the O2 arena in London, a close friend of mine was lucky enough to be there at the gig. The videos on Youtube show that it was a spectacular night of spellbinding music by the Legends.
Anyways, this post is getting way too long...
See ya!