Saturday, April 7, 2007


"The only thing that people love to watch more than a hero win, is to watch a hero fall!" These lines from the movie Gladiator completely mirror the current situation with respect to whats been happening with Sachin Tendulkar.
People have seen him carry the team for more than a decade and a half, now they want to see him fall. They want to see what he says while he descends from the heights that he had once reached at his prime. They want to provoke him and them pity him. They want to see their God become human.
How else can one explain why 77% of the people voted on some site said that Sachin should retire? Why would they like to see him, before all others be punished for the Team's humiliating loss in the World Cup? The answer is, because till now, no one could raise a finger at him. And now, as his glorious career is in its final lap, all the critics, who thus far, weren't in any position to criticize the man, suddenly find themselves stronger than him. Public sentiment is now against the man who let them down.
Questions which once were never asked of him, are now being asked by everyone, even those who may never have held a bat in their life. All of a sudden, his reflexes are too slow! He cant run fast between the wickets!
People masquerading as Sachin fans say - This was bound to happen. After all, even he cant fight age. Its time he should retire, before he is dropped.
This is just what the common man has to say. What is really disgusting is to see, lesser players who debuted after Sachin and retired before him beaming while they criticize the great man, feigning concern over his injury-battered body.

But the few,
Who are true,
The real fans,
Not members of reckless clans,
Will support Sachin,
Whether we lose or win,
Coz they know what he truly is,
They haven't forgotten like the rest,
When he was better than the best,
And maybe he will do it again for them,
One more time, we may see him dancing down the track,
Once again he may smash bowlers out of the attack,
The true hearted will wait for that day,
Hopefully he will succeed in that endeavour,
N silenced will be the critics forever!!!