Friday, July 31, 2009

Boston Legal

Boston Legal is the latest addition to my all-time-favorites list. It takes a lot of consistency to get onto that sort of a list in anyone's case, and this show is right on top of the list. If you need proof of it's awesomeness, read this: In its five-year run, it was nominated for 25 Emmy Awards, winning seven times.

For those of you who need an introduction to this show, here you are:

It's about the lives of legal attorneys at a leading law firm called Crane Poole and Schmidt in Boston. The main characters are Alan Shore, played by the brilliant James Spader and Denny Crane, played awesomely by the scene stealer William Shatner, who long long ago used to play Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek series which I used to religiously watch in some years ago, when TV was really worth watching.

The other characters of the show are also quite interesting, but Denny and Alan totally rule the show. Each episode has one or two major trials going on and they're all interesting and fun. Denny Crane is supreme and delivers his punchlines every time brilliantly, you never tire of hearing him say "Denny Crane".

By the end of each episode the trials come to a close and you get to see whether Alan and Denny win or lose. The last scene in almost each episode shows Denny and Alan chilling on their office balcony and discussing stuff, it's quite a different style of ending an episode. The women in the firm are mostly hot, then men are funny, the lines are hilarious and above all those two magic words - Denny Crane!

Just watch this show, I am quite positive you'll like it. I for one love it. It's right up there for me with Seinfeld and House.

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