Monday, January 15, 2007

All along the watchtower

The following post has nothing in common with Jimi Hendrix's song "All along the watchtower"! If that doesn't dissuade you from reading on, then read on...

If you have ever read an authentic book on war, then you'll know that in WWII and until the 71 war, the basic combat used to be soldier to soldier, man to man, bayonet to bayonet. But if you have read about such stuff, then you'll also know that whenever an enemy trench is attacked, the attacking army has to make a run-for-it to the enemy trench lines. During the course of which they are open to enemy fire. Also, as unbelievable as it may sound, it is the man who runs the fastest and straightest, who reaches the trench safely, at times, completely untouched by the hundreds of random bullets that are fired.

So what does this have to do with anything? Well, its an interesting comparison to an end sem examination. And i mean, the examination, as in, the time that students start writing the paper. How so? Well its simple, before the paper begins, everybody knows that the task is difficult, for some, it is impossible; the others however are busy planning their course of action.

The paper starts... everyone starts running, gun in hand... students start writing stuff with a pen in hand.
Case 1: A very difficult paper, with question that have never been seen before... enemy trenches well planned, bullets coming from directions that weren't accounted for in the plan.
Good students stick to the task and start writing... Determined soldiers keep their heads down and start running.

Unprepared students start reading other questions and realise that its of no use, they submit their answer sheets and leave... The weak hearted soldier is the first to go down after just one bullet.

Mid-way students put on their thinking caps and start writing semi-correct answers... The determind but unskilled soldier gets a bullet wound, staggers but carries on.

Basic point is that every exam can be viewed as a battle and we're all soldiers and its those who were vigilant on the watchtower all sem, who have a better and at times glorious time when the results are out, and the others just bite the bullet first and then bite the dust!!!

P.S. If you're wondering what kind of a whacko post this one is... then i wont blame you cause after writing it even i dont know what weird brain-wave caused me to type the whole damn thing, but if it is any consolation then let me tell you this tit-bit of a fact, that, the song All Along the watch tower was created by the greatest guitarist ever Jimi Hendrix and the song is listed as the #5 Best guitar Solo in History!!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Good TV shows: A Fundamental Right

Are you one of the millions of young people who have only 1 TV set at home??? Do you have to watch CNN-IBN and NDTV for more than 3 hrs in a day??? Do you wake up in the morning n hear the news, come home in the evening and hear...the same news stories and again hear the same news while eating dinner??? Have you borne the torture of seeing two back to back news bulletins, it goes without saying that the bulletins were identical with no new stories??? Do you have to switch over to news instead of watching Monday Night Comedy on Star World???

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then welcome to the club. If it helps then here's a fact that no news channel will give you, its a result of a poll taken by some anonymous group of cool people:
Do News Channels Suck?
90% Yes [All voters were between 16 and 30 yrs of age]
5% No [All voters were people who've featured on one of the myriad Audience shows of News channels or were standing behind some news reporter during a live report]
5% Cant Say [These are the fortunate or maybe not so fortunate people who have TV but no cable, who have only seen DD News so far. They are fortunate coz they haven't been exposed to NDTV/CNN-IBN/Times Now or worse Aaj Tak/Star News.]

That does it for the news channels, now for the second part. Brain killing shows like Big Boss/Indian Idol [who the hell chose the losers who claim to be Indian Idols] The judges of Indian Idol should take a cue from MTV's Roadies' Judges. I mean they really turn on the heat during the initial qualifying rounds. Then comes the turn of some channels which were awesome about 4 years ago, before Pokemon happened. I used to watch this show called Power Zone on Cartoon Network when i was small. It was really interesting and at the same time it wasn't dumb or stupid. Shows like the ones they show on Pogo and CN nowadays are like, meant for retards or something. Pokemon might be interesting for children, but its just a lil' too Chinese. I heard this "child psychologist" saying that the shows on Pogo like the one with some clay Penguin, are really good for "mental development" of children. My friends and people of my generation, are all doing well and aren't exactly violent, as the psychologist claimed, that children who see Tom n Jerry have violent tendencies. That's a load of bulls***t!

Can the days of Mastermind India ever come back... i dont know, but we can decide ourselves.