Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life is Busy

I have been super busy since quite some time and it's taken a toll on my blogging. Whatever free time I get, I spend it in sleeping or catching up with friends or watching a movie and off late, in enjoying the IPL.

Everyone is busy with work, but some of us have more than usual work loads, it depends on luck and job profiles; but I have been having an exceptionally busy time. It's been fun at most times.

I will be back soon though with more of David Flabbergaster, one liners and random incidents pretty soon. The stories are all in my head and I'm waiting for some free time to put them up on the blog. Meanwhile, if you happen to visit the blog, read up on some of the links in the 'Recommended Reading' post to which I have a link at the start of the blog on the right hand side.

And if you've been in touch with me on the phone I am sure you already do know some of the stories ;)

Hope I get some free time pretty soon. See you later!

Loins of Punjab Presents

I have never had so much fun watching a crossover film as I had while watching Loins Of Punjab Presents. It has some hilarious scenes and brilliant acting by the entire crew. The movie is about a 'Desi Idol' contest which is being sponsored by a company called Loins Of Punjab. They choose this lecherous organizer by the name of Bokade for the show, played brilliantly by Jameel Khan. The movie then shows the experiences of all the candidates who appear on the show for auditions and progress forward. Shabana Azmi plays a very bitchy socialite who wants to win the contest at any cost and plays the role to perfection. I loved the ending of the movie, which is really perfect for it. Special mention must be given to Seema Rehmani who plays Sania Rehman, a woman who can't speak Hindi at all but is in love with Bollywood. One line she says is pretty cool, 'Hollywood movies are so one dimensional, it's either an action movie or a romantic movie or a drama. But a Bollywood movie combines all of it in one. I don't know how to speak Hindi, but then again, I want to be an actor, so it's fine' :D

Another standout performance is by Ajay Naidu as Turbanotorious B.D.G. The man is hilarious in the role of a wannabe gangsta-bhagra-king! Insane performance, thoroughly enjoyable. The man dances very well in his performance scenes. Watch-out for the song 'Dhagi Naki Naki Naki Dhin Tara' funky song!

Shaan comes in for a special appearance as a judge in the final round and gives a brilliant WTF expression in one scene where one rejected contestant off stage starts singing the male version of 'Bole Chudiya' when Sania Rehman sings the female part on stage. Hilarity! Bokade is brilliant in a scene when he has a hangover and has to announce the results of the prelim round. Each time he announces a winner, the winner starts celebrating loudly and he gets pissed because of the loud celebrations :D Lots of other hilarious scenes especially with Darshan Zariwalla as a Gujju family patriarch trying to make sure his daughter wins the contest.

The movie is a must see, can't imagine someone not liking it. I for one loved it and would recommend it to everyone.