Wednesday, June 30, 2010

They hate love stories

Yeah people they hate love stories. The pyaar ka dushman samaaj is a real badass.
Falling in love is so damn difficult. First you need to find the person of the right degree of hotness, intelligence and all the other senti stuff. Which itself is very difficult and you really hope the girl of your dreams aka THE ONE wasn't female-infanticided long back. Secondly we have our awesome village elders. I mean these guys are amazing specimens of humanity. The name khap is perfectly suited for these people. These people totally make you go, what the khap? [A term used already by a lot of bloggers already]

Seriously, what the khap is wrong with you - Oh great, wise chacha who never had a girlfriend?

You see, first you think the girl child is a dharti ka bojh and blah, so you kill as many as you can without going to jail. Then, the current lot of young lads with raging hormones suddenly realize, where are the women? Somehow, a guy finds the rare surviving female and they fall in love.

Then they realize, no one will support their marriage, so they elope. But then chacha is not too pleased, he'll get hold of the entire village to start a search and destroy mission that even the KGB and Mossad would be proud of. They all go I keeel you!

This comes on the news, the baju ke gaon ka chacha says, what the khap? Now even we have to come on the news, lets find another couple in love and kill them. And the story goes on.

Now because of chacha and his totally khapped up policies the youth are super confused. If you marry out of cast, chacha is angry and you are khapped! If you marry in caste then you're life is khapped bigtime! So what do you do? Well, tell chacha clearly whether he prefers Elton John and George Michael music or whether he thinks guys and girls should waka waka with whoever they want in life. Maybe that would open his khapped mentality a bit.

If only chacha would have had a girlfriend in his young days he would have probably had a better understanding of life, but alas!

Monday, June 21, 2010


This was something I should have done a long time ago, but didn't coz I was a nicer guy a year ago. One year into professional life and you realize what a waste of time it is being nice to dumb-asses. So here it is, my rant of the day.

It's with people f***ing up words that they should not f*** up ever! Words like 'Congrats'. The next person who posts a wall post or a comment saying 'congrates' will be publicly whipped, I promise.

I do not claim to be Oxford educated, I have my own typos/genuine mistakes etc. But then if corrected, I do make an effort to change. But here we have stubborn freakos who want to 'congrate-ulate' me or others I know without knowing how to spell 'congrats' in the first place.

What's the harm in typing 'well done' or 'badhaaiyan', you obv don't know English if you're 20 something and still say 'congrates'. It's like saying 'heppy bday'. Unforgivable. Absolutely.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Coke Studio

By far the best music I have heard this year. I must thank Srini for introducing me to Coke Studio. It's got some of the best music in the 'sufi/fusion' genre of music. Which is not for everyone, but if you are open to experimenting, please give some of these songs a listen. The most awesome thing about it is that the songs are all free for download officially. So that sorts out access issues.

Here are a few songs I recommend:

Paimona by Zeb and Haniya. I absolutely fell in love with this song the moment I heard it. If you're extra enthu then check out the meaning of the song here.

In a year when even Rahman hasn't delivered his best, I am glad I discovered Coke Studio, although I can't imagine it took me 3 seasons of the show before I got to it. But I've more than made up for it by checking out all the songs. Some other recos:

Aik Alif - 3 vocalists on this track and each one gives a stunning performance.
Alif Allah - Very nice track with awesome pacing.
Saari Raat - The song is awesome and one for repeated listening. I love the way the song takes off suddenly in the middle.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Raajneeti is a must watch

With Raajneeti, Prakash Jha practically rescues the the film industry. We have had trashy movies releasing one after the other for 6 months; many released with insane amounts of hype. This movie too had a huge amount of pre-release hype. But it delivered. Amazing acting by the entire cast. Stellar performances by Nana Patekar, Manoj Bajpai, Ajay Devgn and a very good performance by Ranbir Kapoor. Katrina doesn't mess it up which is good enough.

Too bad for people who went in expecting a biopic of a real life political leader, because it totally isn't the case. The story is amazingly well written. Not because its path breaking in concept, but because it is path breaking in the way its been weaved into a political drama.

This is the first movie of the year which has dialogues which seem like they've been worked upon, a script which has been really worked upon. I wish people like Prakash Jha were allowed this kind of a budget for all their movies because these are the guys who can make awesome movies with the 50-60 Crore budget range not dumb-f**ks from some of the major banners.

Some really kick ass plot twists in the first half setup the movie for being a smash hit. The second half will make a few people claim similarity with an ancient epic. But then there is no intent at all to do anything but follow the theme of the same ancient epic, so I don't know why some jackasses complain about a couple of scenes at the end.

Special mention for Nana Patekar. This guy takes it to the next level in his role of the guardian for the political family he supports. Some awesome scenes between him and Ajay Devgn and in particular his subtle looks and wry smiles tell you more than any lines could.

Ranbir Kapoor does his part pretty well actually. He chooses to underplay the role and it works. He doesn't go over the top. The one guy who has to go over the top at times is Manoj Bajpai and he does it very well, as the strategically weak leader who is so thirsty for power that he goes to all extremes to get it.

I felt that Arjun Rampal did his best, but maybe someone like Kay Kay Menon should've been considered for this role.

Another point of credit to the director is the fact that each character has been done justice to. He doesn't choose to overuse Ranbir or Katrina. Everyone has got his moment of glory in the movie.

I completely recommend this movie to you guys. Go watch it, its one of the better movies made in the past couple of years.