Wednesday, July 8, 2009

David Flabbergaster: Realizations of most professionals

The following quotes are a compilation of experiences of many people who have shared them with the greatest engineer ever - David Flabbergaster.

1. The probability of a good song being played in a cab is lower than that of a 100 year old man lifting a bulldozer using only his fake teeth.

2. The biggest question in a professional's life is - will today's lunch be worth the walk to the canteen?

3. There are areas in every office which are as cold as Siachen

4. Whenever you're actually doing work, very few people notice it, the moment you've just about opened any fun thing, everyone passing buy will notice

5. Hearing music while working is no longer a privilege, it's a way of life

6. Whenever you're in a hurry, the elevators will always be on the furthest floor from the one you're on

There are many more such experiences which David Flabbergaster will share in the future, but right now he has a meeting, in which he has to give a presentation on "Whether office buildings should have escalators in place of lifts - The benefit being that even if a power outage occurs, employees will have no excuse to come late since they can always climb the stairs!"


Sameer said...

Totally agree on the point number 3 and 4.

Food here is worth going the canteen most of the times. :)

Shantanu said...

good one dave! :D

@sameer: giv it time! :)