Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wake Up Sid - Music Review - Nice

I just heard all the songs from this movie. And they're all nice.

I don't think this album is a chart topper or a dance floor scorcher. But it's really nice. Not one song in the album is bad. Every song is nice. I'm overusing the word nice, but then that's what this album is - nice!

This is the kind of album which rules when you're either working late alone, or on a long drive at night. Seriously, just some nice soft tracks like Iktaara can make your mood.

I'm really looking forward to this movie!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I won't spare a single sentence on saying anything to those who criticize the quality of the movie, yes it is possible that you didn't LIKE this movie, it may not be your type. But if anyone thinks that this movie is over-hyped or not as good as people say it is, well... I can't give sight to the blind now, can I? So why even try?

Kaminey is the definition of an awesome movie, killer acting, killer music, killer story-telling and killer dialogues. By now you should know the story of the movie so I wont bother going there, but it's the way it has been shown that sets this apart and puts it right up to the rank of BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR. This movie will steal all the awards, trust me.

Cheesy love stories may still strike gold at the box office, but it's movies like Kaminey that raise the bar of Indian cinema and what's more it's set the box office on fire as well. This is a non-stop entertainer which requires a decent IQ to be understood or rather a will to be able to hang on and grasp what the director is trying to convey. There is no spoon-feeding in this flick, no wasted scene in which nothing of consequence happens, every scene has a purpose. What's more, we have Shahid Kapoor as Charlie in what will go down in history as one of the best written roles. The movie hasn't even released full pelt in Pune and people are talking in Charlie ftyle.

Bhope Bhau is brilliantly played by Amol Gupte, his scene with Mikhail played by Chadan Roy Sanyal is exceptionally awesome. The craziness of that scene is something I have seen on screen after a really long time.

The climax - I won't write a thing about the story since you absolutely must watch this movie, but believe me, if you watch the climax carefully and dont let yourself get distracted with all the action you will notice so many twists and turns it is mind-blowing.

Finally, praise for the man who practically owns this film, Vishal Bharadwaj, man, thank God you became a director and came up with this movie. I know there's practically no chance of you reading this blog post but seriously I am still trying to wonder how you can come up with such an incredible storyline, such brilliant dialogues and the perfect soundtrack to go with the brilliant movie. Be prepared for a showering of awards in the next awards season. This is one movie which people just cant pass over as one that gets a CRITICS award. This one gets them all.

I could go on forever in praise of this movie, it is that good. But I need to stop and go watch the movie again. So, please go ahead and watch this movie. Iff movie ko miff mat karna!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I'm a music lover, a lot of my spare time is spent listening to songs - old and new. This post is about two songs which I really like and their covers which are completely new takes on the originals and add to the originals.

1. All along the watchtower - This is one of the most incredibly simple songs, originally composed and sung by Bob Dylan and then covered by Jimi Hendrix. Just thinking about this is makes me envy the people living in the 60's. Imagine the quality of music back then - Jimi Hendrix covering Bob Dylan's song. Amazing!

2. Heartless -Heard this song way back in Jan or something and liked it a lot. Then recently I heard the cover by The Fray, which was a completely different take on the song, acoustic. It's on my playlist as I write this. I don't know how many people are into this type of music, but give it a shot if you have the time.