Friday, February 2, 2007


I'm just gonna post one line posts from now on till t1

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Late Night Studies

I just started studying for t1 seriously and let me say this that the amount i study in the four to five hours that i study on holidays in the day time is nearly half of what i study during the night from 1 am to 3 am!!!
No, i don't drink coffee or tea or any such thing, just some music and my headphones to keep me up.


Last five nights i have slept very little [a cumulative time of 21 hours in 5 days] So i think the next post will be when i am refreshed and i dont see that happening till the end of the T1 exams in 2 weeks!!!

Attending a marriage

I'm sure all of you must have attended marriages many times. The next time you go, just see if any of the following things happen to you :

Most of the times you end up speaking to people you think you know, but learn later that they weren't who you thought they were.

Some people seem to be interested only in the food, they are the ones you see hanging around near the serving area all the time.

The most dangerous question ever in life is when some unknown face comes and says - Pehchana mujhe? And the look they have on their faces tells you that you need a miracle to remember their names/relationship with you. You can, of course, take the hard road and say, "Pehchana par yaad nahi aarehey ho!" and break their hearts. Or you can try your luck and say, "Haan haan, bilkul pehchana" and then just pray that they don't say, "Batao main kaun hoon?"

There will always be someone or the other staring at you when you're eating.

The video camera will always be on you just when you drop food on yourself.

The cameraman will always click the photo when your eyes are shut.

The cameraman will make you look hideous.

Every old aunty will pull your cheeks just like they did when you were a kid, only, now you're nineteen and going to college, instead of being 6 and going to school.

Small kids will find the worst time to start playing tag, or worse will start yelling at the top of their voices right next to your ear.

You will feel relieved when you're leaving the marriage hall.