Saturday, June 27, 2009


Well, it's been an immensely productive week for me, having done things in a varied spectrum like work, singing, chilling, dancing, eating to the point of exploding, very little sleeping and movie watching.

As usual, no professional details out here, so sorry folks!

I saw Terminator Salvation today morning, the theatre had quite a lot of rush which surprised me since I thought only my friends and I are cheapos who would wake up for the 9 am movie after having slept at close to 3 am, moreover it was a Saturday. One reason I guess is the long multiplex strike which starved the movie going junta of our country to check out as many movie asap, since the strike is over now. I really think a lot of the upcoming and just released movies have a great chance to do really great business - Kambakht Ishq already seems like a blockbuster waiting to release [the no. of times I hear the title track while traveling around town is impossible to imagine].
Then Love Aaj Kal also seems destined to rule the box office, as much as I despise Saif Ali Khan it's really hard to imagine how a movie by Imtiaz Ali starring Deepika Padukone could flop.

Then we have Kaminey, from the promos its evident that it is yet another quality product from Vishal Bharadwaj; I hope it gets box office success in a big way.

Anyways, so much for movies; let's get back to some updates.

The most awesome even of the week by far was the Gala Dinner that my company hostel for us at The O Hotel. The crowd was awesome, the music was great. I danced like mad for an hour and had the most fun possible. Loads of other awesome stuff happened that night, which I wont tell on a blog [dont worry, it isnt what you're probably thinking], but it was a lot of fun.

Apart from that I'm busy meeting friends on weekends and working my ass off on weekdays, not as bad as it sounds :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Music in the Cab

If any of you guys travel by cab, i.e. a company cab I'm sure you will be able to identify with this post. The following are some masterpieces I've heard over the last 5 days:

1. O Hawa, O Hawa Khusboo Lutade [a song i hrd for the 1st time in this milennium :D ]
2. Hai Rama Yeh Kya Hua kyu aise hamein sataney lage
3. The return of Himesh [right from ooooo oooo ooooo Aashiq banaya to Jhooth Nahin Bolna]

It keeps getting better and better :D
Gets you all stirred up for work!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Meeting Anupam Kher and Shweta Tiwari

I was at The O Hotel on all five weekdays for a reason which only those who should know, do know. [I love the suspense created in the minds of those who don't know ;) ]

And on two occasions I had a chance encounter with the above named celebrities, the first happened on Monday morning at breakfast at The O, when suddenly a certain gentleman sitting next to me said to another colleague of mine that he can see Shweta Tiwari. Now I don't watch the K serials on TV and hence had no clue of what the big deal was, anyways I glanced around and yep, it was her.

But the real fun incident happened two days later, my friend and I were done with the days work and were headed for the lift. We had to wait for the lift and finally when it opens, guess who's standing in it? Anupam Kher!

Respecting celebrity privacy, I wont tell you what transpired between the three of us in the lift in our very brief meeting, but it was a huge surprise for me and my friend. Anupam Kher seemed like a perfect gentleman and looked really fair and taller than I had imagined.

Lesson learned, next time you go to The O Hotel, do carry an autograph book, you just might meet someone at breakfast or in the lift!

P.S. For the next three days, my friend and I were chanting Laetitia Casta after calling the lift :D

Policy Decision

Ok, after giving this some thought over the past few days I have come to a decision that I will not, and absolutely not, post anything about my professional life, which begun last week.
It's best to keep this blog away from any professionalism, it's a blog meant for fun and that is what it will remain, just with the constraint that no experiences from my professional life shall be written here or anywhere for that matter.

However the past and present is up for grabs. So there we go!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Rickshaw Incident

This happened today, Julka and I were going to leave from Sweet Chariot Cafe and were looking for a rickshaw. We finally spotted an empty one across the road and shouted and said "Viman Nagar". The rickshaw driver says "Ok". So we get in and he turns in the wrong direction and carries on. Julka asks him "kahaan jaa rahe ho bhaiyya" so he says "Deep Bangla Chowk se lunga". Neither of us gave much importance to it and he carried on. Julka then got off midway and left. I carried on.

Throughout the way I'm having this WTF feeling as i have no recollection of the road we're travelling on. So i tell the driver, "Bhaiyya yeh raasta barabar hai kya? Kabhi is rastey aaya nahi". So he says, "Raasta barabar hai, in fact yeh shortcut hai". So I'm like "ok!". Then on the turn ahead he says, "Idhar se left leneka ki right?". I get mind fucked, and say "Aapko nahi pata kya ki idhar se kaise jaatey hain". He says "kya saab, aapka ghar kidhar hai yeh aapko malum hona chahiye, hum correct area mein pahuch gaye hain, Hanuman Nagar!"

I'm like WTF WTF WTF!!! Hanuman Nagar?

I say "Hanuman Nagar kisne bola, mere ko Viman Nagar jaane ka hai!"
He says, "Kya? Viman Nagar"
I'm angry plus kind of feeling like laughing at the stupidity of the whole thing. So the rickshaw driver turns around 180 degrees like only a rickshaw can and starts off. So i thought he'll start bickering about the money and extra distance, instead he goes back to Sweet Chariot and restarts the meter from there!

Anyways basically I got a free darshan of Hanuman Nagar, which until today I didn't even know existed and returned back to Viman Nagar without any financial damage :D

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I saw Angels and Demons last week, I liked it; in fact I thought it was better directed than The Da Vinci Code.

I visited the college thrice for doing the Leaving Certificate formalities and by God, it takes forever to get those stamps and signatures from people who randomly decide to go on holidays and return just as randomly! But then it's one of the final things to be done in COEP. So chalega!

I then started watching the T20 World Cup and was aghast to see Sanjay Manjrekar as a commentator for ESPN Star, who were the only sports network who had a very high standard of commentators. But then they made up for it by hiring Anil Kumble. But still Sanju Manju sucks.

I then saw Watchmen in theatre and my first reaction was that it wasn't that good. But as i thought about the movie, i started liking it more and more. Now i think it was awesome. My opinion changed because I read the Graphic Novel by Alan Moore. It is freaking awesome!

Even when I saw the flick without having read the book, I was extremely into the characters of Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach. Silk Spectre II looked good and acted well enough with and without her costume ;) I didn't like Nite Owl II in the movie but after reading the novel I realized that the character was played to the tee. So 8/10 to Watchmen. It may not be your cup of tea unless your into serious and dark story telling!

I also happened to have an amazingly random and weird enounter one night after a treat which was so out of the world that I still cant believe it happened. If we happen to meet do remind me to tell you about the Fight That Never Was involving The Drunk Red Army Uncle. I cant blog about it and you'll know why once you hear it! But it was hilarious!

And now for the latest dumb update : A couple I know was chatting with a heart shaped sign i.e. "<3" as their status msg! It's the baap of Public Display of Affection!

I haven't had the time to blog that much and I don't forsee myself having too much blogging time in the near future so read some of my older stuff if you're really bored in life!

Until we meet again!