Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day

What does Valentine's Day mean to you?

Different things for different people:

1. Gift Shop / Cafe / Restaurant Owners - A lot of money!

2. Political Workers - A day when we get media attention for harassing young couples under the pretext of protecting our culture, while our bosses are busy watching porn in the Assembly or getting caught in sleaze scandals.

3. Pretentious Single Guys/Girls - A day when we criticize couples for acting stupid while secretly wishing that we weren't single.

4. Non-Pretentious Single Guys/Girls - A day when we help our Gift Shop / Cafe / Restaurant Owner buddies by encouraging couples to celebrate V-day

5. Pretentious Couples - A day when we act more pretentiously than normal and think it's cool!

6. Sensible Couples - A day when other couples are busy showing other people how much in love they are by wearing similar color clothes, while we get busy showing each other how much in love we are by having raunchy sex!

7. People who don't give a fuck - A day we don't give a fuck about!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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