Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Keeley Hazell

Statutory Warning: If an explosion of beauty and all natural hotness seems offensive to you, stop reading right now. Girls, skip this post. Guys who are insane or too pious, quit reading further and close this tab/window. As usual don't sue me, I warned you; besides I'm not the one clicking the mouse on the links at your end. It's you all the way!

There's been a lot of buzz over Keeley Hazell and as the links and pics will prove, it's not for no reason. Move over Megan Fox, there's an even foxier thing in town. Even Indian news sites are getting involved. My only question is why wasn't India involved in such a vote? This would've been one poll for which even I would've spent my precious Airtel balance! And how come Indian's are still told that Aishwariya Rai and Deepika Padukone are the hottest women in the world!!! Which blind, senseless man[iac] would vote for them ahead of - well, just take a look:

Now, how on earth does anyone compete with... damn I have no words!

I also stumbled onto this pic from PETA [which actually stands for People for Ethical Treatment of Animals], but they're mostly famous for getting celebs to shoot steamy pics -

Now there's a very subtle message in the above photo, somehow it's supposed to tell me to go Veggy! Now here's a photo which could be used as an example for Steganography! The message stays hidden in the image, coz the image makes people forget the message, even if somehow they're able to decrypt it. Also, I would consider leaving Non-Veg food only if Keeley Hazell is figured in a similar photo as shown above!


Jhanvi said...

Every month it's a new chic, its good that u keep ur polygamous nature to just the web n not in real life!
but seriously, Keeley is gorgeous, n just to make u jealous - i have a higher probability of meeting her than u do, since she and i live in the same country ... lol
loved the end of the post, typical u

Shantanu said...

smokin' hot chic :O