Saturday, September 6, 2008

Anonymous mails and Trash

Here's an original quote:

"A fool needs no advertising"

A testament to this fact is our college mail, with people coming up with more and more mindless trash everyday. Apart from the usual BS like "Lost my pen drive", "Lost!!! Lost!!! Lost!!! - OS File" and that kind of crap, we also have people now taking out their frustrations on the college mail through Fake ID's! Genius!
The fun part is how they like to write the mail in a way so that people remain confused about who actually wrote that mail. Get a life people! Or as The Joker would say - What happened? Did'ya balls drop off? 
If sending an anonymous mail isn't dumb enough, we also have the extra scared people who send an anonymous mail and then write - Please forward it to the director! WTF? 

Anyways as I have just realized, exams are indeed the best time to blog, the brain will do everything but study! This is my 3rd blog post in less than 16 hours.

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