Sunday, November 7, 2010

David Flabbergaster strikes again

David Flabbergaster finally found some time in his busy schedule to give us some more snippets from his random life. Hope you find these snippets interesting.


Guy1: Have a Safe Diwali
David Flabbergaster: Yep, I make sure I always use a condom :P


Girl completes a ride on a go-kart. At the end of it, some ppl ask her how she felt about it.

She says: It was OK, a little too short, I wish it would've been a little longer.
David Flabbergaster: That is the complaint of 90% of women in the world


David Flabbergaster: While giving his opinion on two hot women who were identical twins - "Identical twins cannot be called identical twins, unless it is confirmed that they have identical twins."


Ravi Jethani said...

@ David...LOL!!!!! :D

Anonymous said...