Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Rickshaw Incident

This happened today, Julka and I were going to leave from Sweet Chariot Cafe and were looking for a rickshaw. We finally spotted an empty one across the road and shouted and said "Viman Nagar". The rickshaw driver says "Ok". So we get in and he turns in the wrong direction and carries on. Julka asks him "kahaan jaa rahe ho bhaiyya" so he says "Deep Bangla Chowk se lunga". Neither of us gave much importance to it and he carried on. Julka then got off midway and left. I carried on.

Throughout the way I'm having this WTF feeling as i have no recollection of the road we're travelling on. So i tell the driver, "Bhaiyya yeh raasta barabar hai kya? Kabhi is rastey aaya nahi". So he says, "Raasta barabar hai, in fact yeh shortcut hai". So I'm like "ok!". Then on the turn ahead he says, "Idhar se left leneka ki right?". I get mind fucked, and say "Aapko nahi pata kya ki idhar se kaise jaatey hain". He says "kya saab, aapka ghar kidhar hai yeh aapko malum hona chahiye, hum correct area mein pahuch gaye hain, Hanuman Nagar!"

I'm like WTF WTF WTF!!! Hanuman Nagar?

I say "Hanuman Nagar kisne bola, mere ko Viman Nagar jaane ka hai!"
He says, "Kya? Viman Nagar"
I'm angry plus kind of feeling like laughing at the stupidity of the whole thing. So the rickshaw driver turns around 180 degrees like only a rickshaw can and starts off. So i thought he'll start bickering about the money and extra distance, instead he goes back to Sweet Chariot and restarts the meter from there!

Anyways basically I got a free darshan of Hanuman Nagar, which until today I didn't even know existed and returned back to Viman Nagar without any financial damage :D

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