Saturday, June 20, 2009

Meeting Anupam Kher and Shweta Tiwari

I was at The O Hotel on all five weekdays for a reason which only those who should know, do know. [I love the suspense created in the minds of those who don't know ;) ]

And on two occasions I had a chance encounter with the above named celebrities, the first happened on Monday morning at breakfast at The O, when suddenly a certain gentleman sitting next to me said to another colleague of mine that he can see Shweta Tiwari. Now I don't watch the K serials on TV and hence had no clue of what the big deal was, anyways I glanced around and yep, it was her.

But the real fun incident happened two days later, my friend and I were done with the days work and were headed for the lift. We had to wait for the lift and finally when it opens, guess who's standing in it? Anupam Kher!

Respecting celebrity privacy, I wont tell you what transpired between the three of us in the lift in our very brief meeting, but it was a huge surprise for me and my friend. Anupam Kher seemed like a perfect gentleman and looked really fair and taller than I had imagined.

Lesson learned, next time you go to The O Hotel, do carry an autograph book, you just might meet someone at breakfast or in the lift!

P.S. For the next three days, my friend and I were chanting Laetitia Casta after calling the lift :D


Ricky said...

ey dude i am a gr88 fan of shweta tiwari.. i really love her du you any contact information abt her....

greySith said...

Do you know that guy ^^ :?

I hope not.