Sunday, October 25, 2009

Paisa vasool match that India lost

I've seen a lot of cricket right since childhood, the memory of that India Pak game where Tendulkar brought us to the brink of victory before falling still hurts. Even though India lost the match, it was an enthralling game which you'll remember forever. Since then India has improved as a team and our complete reliance on one man has come to an end.

Today however I saw a different kind of paisa vasool match that we lost. I was out all day and finally started watching the game at the stage when we required an impossible 42 runs from 18 balls and just Bhajji and Pravin at the crease who could hold the bat, Ishant and Nehra don't qualify to be called batsmen even when they have the bats in their hands. The awesome hitting that followed for the next 12 balls was so insane that it easily made up for the eventual loss, just seeing Watson getting smashed for 20 runs in the penultimate over was worth it. 9 of the last over was very likely but then, the momentum died after Bhajji left. Cricketers like Bhajji are crucial for cricket, they are the entertainers. When Bhajji bats, you will be entertained. And when he bats the way he did today, it's full too paisa vasool.

Well, seeing the crowds in the stadium, one can safely say that cricket of any kind is safe in India and the close finish shows promise for this series. Time for Sachin Tendulkar to show his masterclass yet again. Trust me non-believers he'll come to the party soon!

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greySith said...

I still remember how gutted I felt when Tendulkar got out after that epic innings (136, was it not?). He batted through all that pain and brought us to the doors of victory, but we still managed to bungle it :(