Friday, October 9, 2009

The Sixth Sense

I saw it in 1999, it's twist ending is so awesome that even today, 10 years after I first saw it, the effect is just the same. This was truly an incredible movie, with Bruce Willis giving an amazing, subdued performance as the child psychologist looking for redemption after a failed patient comes back one day to change his life forever.

The child actor, Haley Joel Osment gave an extraordinary performance which was parallel only to Macaulay Culkin's awesome performance as a child actor. But obviously the roles were completely different, for different genres. Here was a kid who made a line like, "I see dead people" into a famous quote.

Finally full credit to M "Night" Shyamalan. Whatever people say about his movies today, one cannot deny that he delivered one of the all time greatest thrillers in the form of The Sixth Sense. Look at movies since then, insane budgets, special effects galore and the audience is unmoved. This movie was made for $40 million and it made more than $670 million, for a then unheard of director like Shyamalan is testimony to the quality of this movie. The much talked about twist ending is, unbelievably awesome. The beauty of it is that, he hasn't tried to fool the audience, he just divulged the information at the very end of the movie, something which is totally justified in all the scenes before once you see it in retrospect. Brilliant!

Why am I writing this today, well, because I didn't have a blog in 1999 and I just saw this movie on TV a few hours back. If for some reason, you haven't watched this movie as yet, just stop whatever you are doing and watch the movie.

P.S. - Another movie you ought to see is The Omen [the 1970's version]

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NightHawk said...

Definitely agree with you... my all time fav one!!! the end is just awesome.. the first half part you are like what the F is goin on... and then .. " I see dead people " And you will just sit right up and wont leave it till the end.. :D