Saturday, December 20, 2008

Some ground rules for Orkut users

1. Guys don't put profile pics of MALE MODELS - it's freaking scary to see a topless dude instead of your dear schoolmate.

2. Girls must put up either their own pics [if attractive] or those of attractive women. ;)

3. Dont go around creating self-promotional communities like - "I Know Sonu" or some weird thing like that.

4. A testimonial is a place where you describe your friends qualities and stuff, not a place where you copy paste crap like "Friend" written out of slashes and exclamation marks.

5. If you want to wish someone Happy Birthday, then at least spell it right - there was this scrap I saw once which said 'happy bfay'

6. Your Orkut name should tell us who you are. There are some people who's Orkut names are so discreet you need to read their testimonials and see their communities to guess who they are. How do I know who '--(((O_O)))--' is?


Parag Sandhansi said...

Awesome dude.....what observation!!!!!

Amit J said...


PURN!MA said...

heh heh... Orkut is where one sees what one doesn't see elsewhere..err, the nonsense stuff I mean. Being a girl I have had stupid friends request like "wana frend?" "i like you profile..freind me?" like crap...

vishakha said...

sahi hai..