Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ghajini - Definition of a Blockbuster

Aamir Khan, take a bow! Ghajini is a one man show, to say the least. The brutal anger he displays throughout the movie is insanely well done!

There are few actors who can express anger, despair, pain and suffering all of them at once without uttering a word. Amitabh Bachchan is one and Aamir is the other. There is no Khan who can match Aamir in terms of acting and now with Ghajini, he's setting the box office on fire like never seen before. His body, unlike the much hyped 6-pack SRK body in OSO, is a real, built-up body.

I had once remarked on this very blog on the initial poster of Ghajini, that the poster looked morphed, well I stand corrected. Aamir has proved that he is the best in the business.

He is the only actor who can, at 40 convincingly romance girls in their 20's with the same effortlessness he displayed in his youth.

He can also convince the audience with his expressions that he is capable of thrashing the pulp out of goons twice his size without making it seem too much like a Rajnikant flick.

Asin, the female lead in the movie has little to do apart from acting like a goody-two-shoes and stealing the audience sympathy; in order to justify the brutal violence that Aamir unleashes throughout the movie. She does that well enough. Her death scene is the ultimate sympathy stealer of the year.

Now about the villain, Ghajini. I heard a lot of criticism about the casting of the villain. But quite frankly no matter who was cast as Ghajini, the guy hardly had any dialogues, all he had to do was look like the bad guy. After the death scene mentioned above, people would have approved of anything that Sanjay Singhania would do to avenge Kalpana's death.

Aamir's intensity and versatile acting is the strength of this movie and the director must be given credit to remake a South Indian flick [which itself was a loose cop of Memento] into a full scale Hindi Blockbuster.

Kudos to you Aamir. This is the most entertaining movie of the year.

Summary - I also saw the trailer of CC2C, but after Singh Is Kinng, I have no faith left in Akshay Kumar movies. Aamir hyped a product like Ghajini and hyped it as a masala entertainer, it turned out to be a masala movie. SIK was touted to be a comedy, it was b***sh*t! SRK movies are for SRK fans, period. Abhishek ruined whatever reputation he had with Drona. Salman had a dreadful year. Hrithik took a risk with Jodhaa Akbar and pulled it off. But undoubtedly the most entertaining flick of the year has been Ghajini.

Ghajini could have been a disaster at the box office, based solely on the script, but the direction was good, mostly the performances were good, but the powerhouse performance by Aamir, which will go down as one of his all time best performances is the reason why cinema halls are chock a block full. If Bollywood masala movies are to be made henceforth, then Ghajini is the benchmark to measure upto.

PS - For those who went to see Ghajini and came back complaining that it's a no-brainer, well come on, the promotional campaign made it quite clear that it is indeed an intentional no-brainer. Also people claiming excessive use of violence, the first trailer itself showed the kind of action the movie was filled with, so quit complaining and if you're such a high level intellectual then, I don't think you should be seeing masala movies like Ghajini.
Predictions -
Best Actor - Aamir [Hrtihik had a chance until Ghajini, but alas, we'll wait for his 2009 flicks]
Best Film - Ghajini
Best Music - A R Rehman for Jaaney Tu
Best Director - Whoever directed Rock On! [Unless Yash Raj hijacks the award ceremony and has the award given away to Adi Chopra for RNBDJ]

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Shantanu said...

'Her death scene is the ultimate sympathy stealer of the year.'

bingo! :)
hats off to AK and the director for managing to pull off a just above average script with aplomb!