Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Fake Accent Thingy

I wonder how many people have noticed this, but off late we have had a surge of Indian reporters from English language news channels, who all of a sudden have developed very thick American accents. The pioneer in this phenomenon has been Times Now, these guy's have literally redifined English.
Not only do they have horribly fake accents, they also unabashedly mimick CNN style news reports. Then the obsession with the US, WTF? Leave American News reporting to American news channels man, last week there was this 'special' about some 'cat' stuck in a chimney in New York and how firefighters had to struggle for 16 hours to get it out. Oh please!!! We have enough babies falling in borewells here in India, we don't need to know stuff about 'cats in US chimneys'.

Now a little something about Fake accents:
If you don't really know what a fake accent is, it's something like this... clearly Indian males/females who overnight decide that they will henceforth pronounce their leading 'c' as a 'kh', as in 'currency' is pronounced as 'kh-urrency'. What is the need to do this is something that baffles me!

An Indian news channel, catering to Indian news shouldn't find it necessary to speak in an alien accent. Then ofcourse we have Salman Khan, the baap of fake accents. Just watch this guy in a movie like say Hum Aapke Hain Koun, and then watch him in Partner. One would think he spent the last decade working in a Manhattan Dosa Diner.
The only people in India for whom learning the fake accent is understandable are the call center employees, it's their livelyhood. But then they should leave it at their jobs and not pakao us when they are outside, like at a movie or something.
I'm not saying that it's wrong, but it's just silly. 


A bunch of friends are out for a movie, also in the gang is this guy who has freshly joined a call center. He's at it with his fake accent, trying to act all high and mighty. The friends tolerate him, after the movie they all head off to CCD, he carries on with his horrendous accent, which is now really irritating everyone. Then by accident a waiter loses balance and spills some coffee on the 'fake accent' guy's shirt. He gets angry and yells 'faaack, kya kiya yaar, theees shirt is s-k-i-r-u-u-d [screwed]'. They all start laughing, more on his transformed accent than his screwed shirt!

Now the moral of the story is, a fake accent is like botched up make up, a bit of rain and it's all gone! So people, quit it! Do not unnecessarily use a fake accent, it doesn't make you an American. Similarly using a British accent won't make you a Britisher. Just be proud of who you are and use whatever accent comes naturally to you. 

As the saying goes - people always know when you're faking it!  ;)

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Shantanu said...

excellent article and excellent end ;)

and yes....sallu is truly the king of fake accents...
'Aaaaaiyennn (pause) Dekhate Hain (pause) kitne pratishat (pause) bhaaaartiya (pause) soochte(pause) hain ki (pause) unki unse (pause) zyada (pause) akla...mand hain :P