Friday, October 17, 2008

The name is Tendulkar, Sachin Tendulkar

Yeah, he did it. The Chappels wanted him to retire; sections of the media wanted him to retire, dumb asses claimed he hasn't won India a match in 5 years [forgetting the Aus series in February] and then they all stand in line praising the Master when he proves it yet again!

And to top it, he did it at a time when we needed the runs from him; he and Sourav Ganguly in yet another 100+ run match turning partnership. Sourav also passed the 7000 run mark.
But then came the turnaround of the year, news channels who until 3 days ago were headlining stuff like - Sachin fails again! etc. started to sing praises of him. Times Now even went to the extent of having a poll asking whether he should make the 2011 WC his next target. Talk about overcompensating.
As a Sachin fan, it's days like these when one can enjoy the show, all the double talking dim wits embracing Sachin as if he was their messiah, only to turn against him a week later. But what a record like this does is stamp the man's rightful place in history.

On a slightly different note, I must mention the narcissism of the Aussie media and cricketers, they know their days of world domination are numbered, so their rhetoric increases every day.
On a day when Sachin screwed their asses all over the park and set a world record, this is what they are reporting Ricky Ponting next in line for Sachin Tendulkar record
Talk about self obsession!

There's news for you, Aussies. Ageing is not a process reserved exclusively for the Indians, even Aussies get old. Ponting [already 34 yrs old and is just 1 year younger than Sachin] too is going to have his set of injuries and rough patches, he is no Bradman, so just calm down and watch Sachin pile on the runs!

And Sachin, there's no need to say this, but still... You Rule man! Thank God I was born in this era, imagine being born and not having seen Sachin Tendulkar play!

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Shantanu said...

so very true...Long live (and play) Sach!