Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sourav Ganguly's Retirement and it's implications

DADA announced his retirement! If this is news to you, you obviously have been living in Siberia. It's sad that Sourav Ganguly was treated badly post the Sri Lanka series. For all those blaming him for that failure, here's a fact: Dhoni, the so called Superstar and Khel Ratna [rarely has an upstart been given a Khel Ratna like he has] refused to go to Sri Lanka for the Test series. No questions asked!

I respect and salute Sourav for giving Indian Cricket some spine! If Sachin held India's hopes on his shoulders for nearly 2 decades, it was Sourav's captaincy that made us so strong that even the mighty Aussies crumbled before us [remember 2001, just in case you forgot that due to News Channel Propaganda].

He is a master batsman, few realize he is the 2nd highest century maker in ODIs. Sourav Ganguly is India's greatest left handed batsman [Yuvraj, keep wishing]; he along with Sachin formed the greatest opening pair in cricketing history.

For those who think Indian cricket will be better off without the services of it's legends, well, you're in for a big surprise. Along with the undisputed difference in talent, there is also another major difference in the seniors and juniors.

It's something called honor. As soon as the last of the legends leave this team, we will no longer have players who play for the country at the risk of physical injury

I doub't whether the "juniors" would do what Kumble did that day. Who can forget Sachin's tragic century in 1999 against Pakistan in Chennai, which almost ended his career? 

The new generation is smart, they'd rather look after contracts. Kudos to Sourav for showing the board and the "juniors" that they need to introspect. 
Talent like Kumble, Ganguly, Dravid and Sachin will rarely present itself at the same time, if ever we can conjure such a bunch. Instead of savoring each moment of the last few years that these legends have left in international cricket, we have maniacs asking for their retirement.

People should remember that, a candle's flame is strongest just before it extinguishes. The end of the careers of the giants of Indian cricket shoudn;t be hastened by irresponsible men in positions in power. No I am not anti change. But forcing the process is not the answer. Meanwhile I will enjoy the last Test Series that dada will play in. Good luck to him.

Thanks for the memories Sourav :)
Forever The Bengal Tiger! 

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AnshuL said...

U r absolutely right !!! The roars of the Great Bengal Tiger will be echoed in the world for ever...