Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Perfect Ten

Ok, I have never till date written a blog post about any semester result. But then something happened on the 23rd of May 2009, which doesn't happen that often. I understood what one means by the term "The Perfect Ten". As always I wont divulge any personal details on the blog, but those who should know, will understand what this post is about.

I owe a huge debt to some of the best seniors in the world, who I have always bugged with mostly unnecessary doubts and queries, but who have always patiently answered all of them. So thank you guys.

A very big thank you to Akash and Mrunal, my B Tech project partners. And above all a huge thank you to the Almighty, the Lord of all GPAs ;)

And now that I am officially an Engineer, I am free to post about any past experience, so do expect some insane stories from my engineering days :)


Akshay said...

Seems... you got a gpa of 10.Congrats..bro.Well Harsh ,this is akshay (third year,I.T).

Anonymous said...

I bow to thee in awe.