Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Violent Times Day

I won't go into the cultural aspect of whether Valentine's Day is good or bad... that's for each of us to decide for ourselves. But somehow it seems that this time of the year some people get a license to be violent en mass. The news channels show these losers on screen thrashing people and yet they never get arrested. If this trend continues, we might as well rename it Violent Times Day, a day for violent people to go out on the streets and thrash people!

Sad to see such trends in our "non-violent" country.

Worst part was seeing a police constable thrash a woman in Haryana, yeah man... way to go... hail your sadist culture where you use force on a woman! Then we had a case in MP where a bunch of cultural thugs mistook a brother-sister pair on the roads as "lovers" and thrashed the guy until they were told that the guy was her brother! So apparently on 14th Feb, if you're seen with a girl, she better be your sister - or else...

Then we had cases in Maharashtra of couples being "married" on the streets, with a bunch of sadists clapping away to glory as a sobbing girl garlands her "husband". Insanity seems to prevail in the country on such days.

And then a lot has been written about this topic already and I don't want to be repetitive, but this is no way to treat your countrymen.

One rarely gets to hear of some boy harassing a girl on such days , but we always hear of the people who want to prevent the damage to Indian culture, harassing people. It is a mockery of the law and order, the cop thrashing a woman just proves what kinds of people are out on the streets to protect the innocent. Frustrated losers should not decide what Indian culture is.

Anyways blogging about it also doesn't help much, but then at least making your point of view known is a start. Hopefully power will go to sensible people in this country... someday!


Rohit said...

Nicely put across...
But "some boy harassing a girl on such days"??
When did these people stop because it was a Valentine's Day? Even today girls often prefer staying home on these days than face the road side romeos..
Just because we don't hear our media voicing it out doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
But that's the saddest part..

Shantanu said...

all these sick bastards need to be castrated and hanged...

Aaaaaakash said...

very correct..
n our government seems to be very sick n helpless about it..
n most frustrating is the way media ppl cover it n show it on the TV..
If these ppl are so concerned abt it, they should rather try to protest on what is happenening rather than recording the footage from every possible angle..

greySith said...

I'm actually in a bit of shock that couples got 'married' in Pune. I mean WTF!?

It's ridiculous that these people get out on bail the moment they reach the Police station. The really really ought to make an example of these jerks.

priyesh said...

the post is apt and it is important to keep ones`s cool while criticising/satirizing such mindless acts of voilence. But, the concluding line tickles me :
" [..]hopefully power goes to the sensible ppl.."
I am of the opinion that Power cannot go into such hands all by itself. Its our collective responsibility to take it from these losers you talked of. I wonder if blogging around really helps in rectifing the situation instead of just voicing over.. surely a good start ,but should not end up there in dust. No matter how popular this is, blogosphere is still a virtual world, i think.