Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Engineering Quotes

Engineering is a weird thing, engineering in COEP is even weirder.

Life can throw many pleasant surprises at you, engineering can only throw unpleasant ones.

Never laugh during your viva... never!

When sleeping pills fail, open up an engineering text book... snores are guaranteed.

Occasionally I stare outside my window while I'm studying and I see all the happy faces playing on the ground; then I get back to my books and read lame foreign author jokes!

The Pen Drive is the greatest invention known to any computer engineer.

Sometimes I look at the number of students in the queues each year and I wonder how come people are so eager to get into engineering and end all chances of a normal, happy easy going life.

How come, there aren't any hot female celebs who are engineers?

The happiest day of an engineer's life is his convocation, because he knows it's finally over!!!

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Shantanu said...

excellent!!! loved the post!