Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani - Movie Review

Thankfully I saw this movie during the weekend without having read a single movie review in detail [I just saw the ratings and skipped the rest]. The movie is extremely entertaining, from the promos itself you know it isn't supposed to make any sense. It's a movie that's supposed to entertain you.

The movie is a bunch of sequences strung together to make you laugh and feel good. Staying true to it's name, the movie does have many random twists to the story. Ranbir Kapoor gives another smashing performance, be it the comedy, drama, dance you name it - he does it well. Katrina, well, just watching this woman on screen is worth the time. She just pulls of every kind of look. Her accent too in the movie is acceptable considering her story background. Some really nice touches in the movie are the stammering thingy that the two protagonists do when they get emotional. Darshan Zariwalla and Ranbir play the hilarious father and son angle very well. Two scenes in particular are awesome - in which a fantasizing Ranbir's murmurs are heard by his dad and taken to be compliments, the other is the one in which Ranbir has to get Katrina out of the bathroom before his dad enters - hilarity!

The music of the movie is extremely popular and has been done justice to in the movie. The songs don't come in the way of the story telling. One complaint I had in the movie was the stretched out fight sequence which was nowhere near the similarly stretched out fight sequence in Andaaz Apna Apna, but that was God level comedy. Apart from that minor minor glitch I loved every other sequence.

The most entertaining movie of the year, you can watch this one with friends or family.

All in all, a very entertaining movie, go have fun people!

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